Blog: Jetlag Chronicles

Todos Santos Sunsets
What a sky! Flashback to the one Escape we were able to host this year, in Todos Santos, Mexico. Those of us there were indeed lucky to get an International trip in before the world changed! But here’s the thing about sunsets- they are everywhere, everyday! All you have to do is tune in & catch...
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Beach side area with heart cutout
A Day In Our Life Now that the questions of where we are and how we ended up here are answered, we are often asked “what exactly does your life in lockdown look like”? Here is a quick glimpse into a day in our life in lockdown. While not typically an early riser, given that I’m...
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Cleaning our home
By now you may have figured out that we are not in Hudson, NY; not in Milan, Italy and not in California. In other words, we are not sheltering in place in any of the locations that we typically might call home. As I continue to teach virtual Vinyasa classes with a beautiful backdrop of blue...
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At Home With Escape To Shape
Tips, Tools & Resources To Make The Most Of The Present Moment… At Home Yes, we are in the travel industry and yes, the travel industry has been hit hard, but then again, most industries have. We are also in the wellness industry, which, on the other hand, is thriving with promises of potions, elixirs, vitamins...
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Stay at home
Tips, Tools & Resources to Make the Most of the Moment These are unrecognizable times. I have found myself at a loss for words to describe the overwhelming range of emotions I have experienced over the past week in an effort to adapt to a new normal. A normal that looks nothing like anything I have...
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