8 Wellness Retreats To Consider When You’ve Had Enough Rosé – Domino

By Nikhita Mahtani – Original Article

1. Surf Yoga Beer, Hudson Valley, New York, August 11-13

Surf Yoga Beer believes wellness should be accessible, and not too rigid—that’s where the “beer” aspect of the company’s name comes in. The brainchild of SoulCycle instructor Mantas Zvinas, SYB boasts retreats around the world. Future destinations include Nicaragua and Cuba, but for a true digital detox, try their Hudson Valley adventure on for size. For an entire weekend, you’ll be immersed in the beauty of upstate New York, all while taking part in various fitness classes, meditations, and healthy cocktail tastings.

As an added bonus, you’ll be staying in a quaint, rustic house on Hunter Mountain, complete with a cobbled entryway, ebony wood walls, a bar, and game room.

Rates start at $750.


2. CamelBak Pursuit Retreat, Salt Lake City, Utah, August 11-13

The Camelbak Pursuit Retreat is ideal for the outdoors-curious person who doesn’t want to commit to a rigid schedule, and would rather select activities based on his or her moods. You can choose between one- or three-day passes, and you can either just visit the site and book your own accommodation, sign up for a tent, or give yourself the full, deluxe glamping experience. You’ll also have several activities to decide from—including kayaking, camp cooking, surfing, and mountain biking—so whatever you choose, you’ll be able to do wellness your way.

Rates start at $225.


3. Ketanga Fitness, Mallorca, Spain, August 13-20

If you feel like getting immersed in the rich culture of a European city, Ketanga Fitness’s wellness retreat in Mallorca is perfect for you. Not only will you be staying in a museum-like resort by the beach, but you’ll also be able to take part in a number of fitness classes throughout the day, from low intensity to high impact.

Stacy Schwartz, founder and CEO, told Domino, “It’s important for each Ketanga Fitness Retreat to take place where we can hold outdoor fitness classes and wellness workshops, and this special setting is going to beat any gym or studio back home.”

Rates start at $2,795.


4. Escape To Shape, Bhutan, August 19-27

Escape To Shape pulled out all the stops when it came to this week-long retreat across the magical kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas. Expect a ton of hiking and exploring as you roam through three luxe locales—Thimpu, Punakha, and Para—observing the rich heritage as you go. But don’t worry: You’ll also get downtime to just chill out in some seriously sexy rooms.

Founder Erica Gragg told Domino, “Uma by COMO, Paro and Uma by COMO, Punakha will serve as our intimate accommodations in Bhutan, the landlocked Himalayan Kingdom where religion and nature have come together in compelling Buddhist culture. Both properties are instilled with the same principles, for Uma means ‘living house,’ and both are inspired by the landscape, spirituality, and culture of the special region. They serve as the ideal locations—among pine-clad valleys, lush vegetation, rushing rivers, and snow-capped mountains—for those to whom the joy of discovery is reason enough for a journey.”

Sounds totally dreamy.

Rates start at $9,200.


5. New York Pilates, New York, New York, August 20-25

The hustle and bustle of New York City isn’t exactly the first thing you think of when you think wellness retreat, but the founder of New York Pilates, Heather Andersen, wants to change that.

Her NYC retreat this summer involves everything from healthy food to mindful movement, and you’ll also get some amazing company—the retreat’s main goal is to connect like-minded, health-conscious people to one another. So who knows? You might end the five days with not only a tighter midsection, but also a bunch of new friends.

Rates start at $1,250.


6. For The Love Of Travel, Isla Holbox, Mexico, August 23-27

One of the coolest women in wellness, Kelsey J Patel, will be joining you on this totally unique adventure across the quaint, practically untouched island of Isla Holbox, which is right off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

You’ll spend five days immersed in guided meditation workshops, yoga sessions, and reiki healing experiences, where Kelsey will give you spiritual talks about how to manifest your own destiny. But you’ll also be completely free to wander barefoot on the sandy beaches, kayak through the clear blue waters, fish with the local fisherman, and even make fresh ceviche with your catch.

Rates start at $1,499.


7. Sky Ting Yoga, Bali, Indonesia, September 2-9

For a Labor Day escape that involves more spa-ing and less barbecuing, join Sky Ting Yoga teachers Jenn Tardif and Kate Posch for a retreat that’ll get you completely ready for whatever craziness fall might bring your way.

The duo will lead you through guided yoga and meditation, and your villa will serve as the perfect backdrop for some serious R&R—think healing crystals, lavish orchid gardens, rice paddy views, and private swimming pools. A tranquil rejuvenated you is just a flight away.

Rates start at $1,800.


8. Yogascapes, Iceland, September 3-10

What better background than the Northern Lights to get deep, and reflect on everything this summer has given you? Yogascapes offers a number of handcrafted experiences throughout the year, and each one is designed to fuel your wanderlust, thanks to the company’s dedication to choosing locations that are off the beaten path.

This escape is particularly special because it covers three distinct Icelandic regions, each with its own values and culture. You’ll first head to Selfoss to explore mindblowing glaciers and waterfalls. Then, you’ll carry on to the capital, Reykjavik, and experience the culture of Iceland from the center of it all. Finally, you’ll finish at the magical home of the Northern Lights.

And your hotels are equally exotic. Program Manager Leah Dockstader explains, “We start south at Ion Hotel, to explore epic nature, and soak in their beautiful pool. Then, we’ll move to lovely apartments in the cultural center of Reykjavik, and finish at Hotel Hellnar, a favorite destination and what many Icelanders call the most magical place in Iceland, surrounded by stunning lava arches and beautiful cliffed coasts.”

Rates start at $3,595.