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Being interested in self-care, one day I stumbled across Erica Gragg and her company Escape To Shape. A self-proclaimed gypsetters, Erica believes in a sophisticated yet down-to-earth way of living- blending traveling, local flavors, experiences and entertainment with balance & wellness. Her company creates a unique travel itinerary that serves as the perfect backdrop and platform for discerning guests to re-discover themselves while discovering a new culture. Listen to Erica’s great insight then, go book your next travel experience with Erica at

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1. Favorite book? Currently, I am loving Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls – 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women. It’s an excellent collection of inspiring stories about women. I have given it as a gift to my nieces & goddaughters and enjoy reading it as well! 

2. Favorite podcast? Truthfully I don’t listen to Podcasts as often as I should but I have enjoyed Serial & This American Life as well as TED Talks

3. Favorite TV show? I’m a binge-watcher because I am not in the states that often these days, but when here I love to catch up on Game Of ThronesGirlsHouse of Cards & The Americans. I am also a fan of watching documentaries or shows on places that we are gearing up to scout – National Geographic and Anthony Bordain, to name a few! 

4. Favorite Amazon find? Lotus Knot 100% Pure Rose Water – Skin Toner & Mist. I love this product- so hydrating and refreshing. Plus, Rose Water has so many benefits for your skin!

5. Favorite Instagram account? @tuulavintage – Her gypset style & travels remind me of someone I know!