August 2019
Hard to believe it’s the last Monday of August, but it is, so that means it’s MEET MONDAY! Time for us to find out a bit more about an Escapee. Today it’s all about Tara, who, together with her husband and two beautiful greyhounds, divides her time between New York City and Salt Point, NY....
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The Escape Edit
The Escape Edit Real advice & suggestions from real people for real people. If you have traveled with us in the past then you can confirm that we gals chat. A lot. Regardless of the location, we chat on hikes, at meals, between classes, activities and excursions (perhaps even during activities and excursions), with or...
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Diane and Natalie
Guess what today it? It’s MEET MONDAY! That’s right! Today’s the first Monday of the month, providing you an opportunity to get to know an Escapee… or, in this case, TWO! Meet dynamic mother-daughter duo Diane Danvers Simmons and Natalie Danvers Simmons. Mother Diane lives in Lake Tahoe, CA and daughter Natalie lives in New...
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