Erica Gragg Yoga Teacher Prayer Twist
Today is a beautiful day. I have never seen this one before” – Maya Angelou I encourage you to approach each asana with the same attitude. It may seem familiar. Sure, you’ve been there before. But, have you really? Each breath, just like each day, is new. Embrace the unfamiliar, explore your curiosity. Find something...
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Todos Santos Sunsets
What a sky! Flashback to the one Escape we were able to host this year, in Todos Santos, Mexico. Those of us there were indeed lucky to get an International trip in before the world changed! But here’s the thing about sunsets- they are everywhere, everyday! All you have to do is tune in &...
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Luang Prabang, Laos Today I took a quick trip along the shores of the Nam Kahn River to one of my favorite finds in all of Laos, Ban San Khong. Ban San Khong is a slightly remote weaving village, where the age-old traditions of natural dies & weaving are part of day-to-day life. And while...
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