Diane and Natalie

Meet Diane & Natalie Danvers Simmons

Guess what today it? It’s MEET MONDAY! That’s right! Today’s the first Monday of the month, providing you an opportunity to get to know an Escapee… or, in this case, TWO! Meet dynamic mother-daughter duo Diane Danvers Simmons and Natalie Danvers Simmons. Mother Diane lives in Lake Tahoe, CA and daughter Natalie lives in New York City, NY.

By day, Natalie is a Client Success Manager at ZogCulture. Her mission is to build community and authentic connections between employees through the power of play. What’s not to LOVE about that??

Diane is an author, social-impact film-maker and keynote speaker focusing on female empowerment. She is currently writing her memoir/podcast entitled “My Mother Next Door”, and is the creator and lead host of a new podcast series called “Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered” which is due to launch October 2019. In Diane’s words, “It is a multi-generational show — mothers (boomers) and daughters (millennials) — arguably the biggest generations book-ending our culture, sharing different perspectives — the wisdom of age and the optimism of youth (or is it the other way around?) in one candid, witty, thought-provoking conversation! I hope you’ll join us!!”

Together, this inspirational mother-daughter team have been on four Escapes, while Diane has been on 8. They consider Morocco and Guatemala their two favorites out of the bunch, and even more so Morocco as it started their tradition of Mother/Daughter trips and sparked their Global Exploras initiative. In their own words, “We share a passion for travel and the gifts it provides us with — new experiences, time together as mother and daughter to disconnect to re-connect, deepen our bond and to share memories that will stand the test of time. Escape to Shape is like our traveling home — where we connect with friends new and old, flow with the energy and pulse of a new place and its people, where we taste the flavors and sink into cultures unlike our own, where we can feel alive in ways that we’ve been missing.

“We really remember the power of the simplest of rituals from our time in Marrakech. The simplest and most important one being the ritual of sharing tea — just as it is in England. In Morocco it is mint tea sweetened with sugar; in England it is black tea mixed with milk… but both are about time. The ritual in Morocco though is very special because of the practices around it. The thoughtfulness and integrity that goes into every pot of tea is extraordinary and so special in greeting and welcoming a guest. We found this to be so beautiful: finding time to make something beautiful out of something that is so small and to many could be considered so menial. There is something to respect and revere about that practice of sharing time. To listen as you sip your tea, to be mindful — that gestures you mean something to me… it’s more than just a refreshment for the body, it’s a refreshment and meeting of our soul. On that Escape we all agreed that we would love to live this way for eternity… gathering, communing under the warmth of the sun, conversing in the everyday fabric of life… a place where we could each feel connected to more than just ourselves, a safe haven where we could come and go as we please… a place we knew always felt like home. The villa overlooking the pool with the beauty of the Atlas Mountains in the distance as our backdrop and the sounds of horses welcoming us to our refuge for this week.”

Find out more about this dynamic mother-daughter duo by reading their rapid fire answers below:

Beauty Product:
Tata Harper is a shared favorite — Crème Riche for Mom & Clarifying Cleanser for Daughter.

Yoga and a good walk in nature.

Some would call us chocaholics. Milk for mom; dark for daughter.

TV Show:
Gilmore Girls – a shared favorite between us since Natalie was 8 or 9 years old.

Never travel without:
Toning Mist and a moisturizing lip stick… and the one item of clothing (or accessory for a better term) Natalie has tried to limit my passion for… a stylishly good wrap from one of our Escapes in the world!

Theme Song:
D: Ain’t No Stopping Us Now
N: “Like a Girl” Lizzo

Miss about being a kid:
Daily breakfast made by mom. – Natalie
Playing make believe and exploring outside all day with my best friend Hazel. – Diane

Where else would you live:
London, Cape Town or Italy.

Shopping Spree:
Boutiques & local artisans/designers at destinations on my travels. – Diane
Cuyana, Everlane or Bandier. – Natalie

Golden Retriever.

Thank you Diane & Natalie for entrusting your travel journeys to us! It has been a true pleasure sharing time with each of you over the years, watching Natalie transition into adulthood and witnessing the birth of Global Exploras and all of Diane’s many creative endeavors.