I decided to go to Escape to Shape after seeing an advertisement on the Internet and while I was a bit apprehensive before I arrived, I had one of the best vacations and I have traveled extensively. Escape to Shape creates a vacation that has four integral parts, a great place to stay, exercise, good food and good company. All somebody has to do is to arrive, whether it is by themselves or with a couple of friends and let themselves relax and enjoy. This time it was in Morocco. The villa and the area around it were gorgeous. There was a pool, multiple patios, a beautiful backyard that included a Berber tent and a rose garden. The exercise included yoga and hiking. While I was there, Erica was the yoga teacher and she taught a challenging class that was appropriate for all levels. The hikes were great. The Atlas Mountains are host to beautiful scenery. Cooking Classes do not really pique my interest but I did learn how to cook a tagine. I thought the food was delicious and mealtime was my favorite because the discussion at the meals were international, topical, interesting and spirited. This only added to my vacation. In the end, Escape to Shape delivered a great week in Morocco, where I experienced the culture, the Medina, the countryside, yoga, belly dancing and good company. I would recommend this trip for anyone who is looking to relax, exercise, see a new place and reads a newspaper once and a while.