Health And Wellness Retreats: Where To Reset In 2017 – Departures

By Jen Murphy – Original Article

Aspiring to change your way of life? Think beyond a New Year’s resolution and reboot with one of these extraordinary weight loss, fitness, and wellness programs around the world.

Destination Detox
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Yoga guru Erica Gragg founded Escape to Shape based on the belief that the best vacations combine luxury, fitness, and culture. Her Destination Detox trips are more virtuous than other itineraries, but daily circuit training and going gluten-free doesn’t seem so bad when you’re at the beach. The six-night Destination Detox Nicaragua retreat runs throughout 2017 and includes daily hikes, yoga, meditation, and circuit training. Guests stay in ocean-view bungalows at Morgan’s Rock hotel. Farm-to-table meals are mostly raw and organic and juice-cleanses rounds out the program. Cooking classes and nutrition lectures provide guests tips to take home. A private boat cruise, kayaking adventure, and a shopping day in Granada keep things fun. From $4,000;