Destination Detox was just the thing to kick me out of a routine of negative habits and help me regain my positive outlook on life. I went in feeling defeated, and came out feeling like I could conquer the world. The week of healthy eating, structured workouts, and pampering was just what I needed. While my personal transformation was my goal, the ancillary benefits was the friendships and the community that the entire group gained. Our group bonded together over our long hikes and relaxed meals, and although it sounds a bit cliché we really did become a family. The team involved in pulling this together felt like part of our family, and has continued to support us long after our departure. The on-going support gained is such an added bonus, but knowing how thoughtful and generous Erica is it is not unexpected. This was my second trip with Erica, and I’ll continue to travel with her for years to come!