One of the best trips I have ever taken. Looking for that getaway & travel that combines relaxation, excitement, adventure, exploration of a new country, healthy (but absolutely yummy) eating, and cool workouts with very professional instructors — this one is it! It’s every young, modern, woman’s ideal vacation. Everything is taken care of for you — all you have to do is show up. What I loved most is the people I met. Felt very connected from the get-go…and when I asked, the organizers replied that every group feels that way for every trip (of course, our trip definitely had the best people, right? :). The nature, profile & style of this trip attracts like minded people which just organically creates the bonds in a week’s time — bonds that typically take years to occur in the big cities we come from. Erica & Francesco do an amazing job of the perfect blend of organization of spa/relaxation, appropriate level exercising, and fun fun fun! Agendas are updated daily, the trip is pretty much set up to be catered to your every need — and if something happens to be missing or not right, amends are made immediately, and the trip will just bring you smiles all around.