I traveled with Escape to Shape last March and it was one of the most unique and wonderful vacations of my lifetime. I was a little bit worried about traveling to a foreign county alone, but decided to go for it. What a decision? Escape to Shape was everything it advertised and more. The mansion we stayed at was amazing. The rooms were spacious and had an at home feel. The staff and owners were very friendly and accommodating. The yoga and Pilates classes were very challenging and adequate to each individuals needs. The food was splendid and very healthy. The city of Cartagena was equally charming and beautiful. The highlight of the trip was the boat ride to the Rosario Islands. The white sand beaches and crystal clear water was unlike any place I could go to in the states. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone interested. Whether you are traveling alone or coming along with friends Escape to Shape keeps you busy and plans a trip where you leave with many new friends and get to see a county the way the natives see it.