Beyond Exploring

I was hesitant to book a group trip, considering myself a bit more of an independent traveler who likes a bit of luxury and a lot of local culture. Boy was I pleased that I did so anyway! The owners have your best interests in mind and they are always there, seeing to your every need. However, I didn’t need much because they did the most amazing job of planning my first group trip ever! They perfectly combined luxury accommodation, excellent local cuisine (even for my vegetarian needs), outdoors activities, local cultural experiences, Pilates and yoga taught by excellent teachers, and some relaxation time all into 1 week. All I needed to do was purchase a plane ticket to transport me there! I don’t typically write reviews, but this experience demanded that I do because it was so great. I came away feeling relaxed and energized, having learned things about the local culture, made a bunch of new friends, exercised and ate well every day and even did a little shopping! The all-local staff did a great job and I was happy to see that they employed people from the community there. I am definitely going to join their future trips and hope to be able to do so once every year.