Adrienne A.

It was a trip filled with the unexpected in so many wonderful ways. From the butterflies emerging during the golden hour of Erica’s yoga filled gratitude blessings. To watching Natalie’s gorgeous glow of accomplishment when SERIOUSLY mastering juggling. To exploring EVERY temple with this group and falling in love with sandstone carvings like I never could have imagined To meditating in the heat with all of you and the monks. Crossing the Nam Khan River on the Bamboo Bridge in the dry season knowing it would be washed away again when the rain started. To drinking at the dive bar of my dreams in Laos with Jaime and having a poignant moment of fear and joy all at once which bonded us. And realizing at the end of the trip it wasn’t just Erica and Francesco’s incredible curation but all of you who made the trip a moment in my life I will cherish.