Prevention Magazine

By Lisa Niver Rajna

Los Angeles

“When the travel industry went into a tailspin after 9/11, I lost my job as a senior assistant cruise director. Heartbroken, I was back at home, consoling myself with ice cream and chocolate-covered almonds. I was at my heaviest when I met my future husband, George, who had spent 2 years in the Peace Corps and was always looking for his next adventure. I decided it was time to get back in shape. We started hiking on weekends, and I cleaned up my eating. Within a year I shed 28 pounds and felt ready to take on the world. Since then, we have traveled to 24 countries, started a travel Web site, and published a memoir. One of my favorite memories is trekking in Nepal. After 4 days of walking uphill, we made it to Ghorepani. As I communed with the mountains, I realized that I can do anything.”

The Payoff

BODY: You´ll see your body transform into a pillar of strength as you train for your trip.

MIND: Exposing yourself to new people and places stimulate your brain, particularly the cerebrum, keeping your mental powers agile and fit.

SOUL: Taking a moment away from the everyday hustle and bustle reconnects you with what really matters most.

Put It into Action

Backroads walking and hiking tours bring you to some of the world`s most beautiful vistas (
Escape to Shape pairs hot workouts with local cuisine in exotic places such as Bali and Marrakech (
Wanderlust’s 4-day yoga festivals offer unforgettable classes, live music, inspiring lectures, and fun outdoor activities in breathtaking locations (