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Join ESCAPE TO SHAPE on a most magical journey to the enchanting Kingdom of Bhutan. Experience the vibrant colors, the sweet sounds of chanting & nature and the overwhelming sense of peacefulness that permeates this spectacular region If you are ready to be transported to a land of highlands & prayer flags, monasteries & markets, mountains & magic then the ethereal Kingdom of Bhutan is indeed for you!

We have put together a unique, bespoke itinerary that combines A LOT of hiking, culture and relaxation as we journey deep into the Kingdom’s heartland exploring three distinctly different but important valleys; the bustling capital of Thimphu in a valley dotted with monuments, museums and markets; the almost tropical Punakha valley with its magnificent Dzongs; and the emerald valley of Paro with its rice paddies and ancient temples. Throughout our adventure we return nightly to the simple luxury and comfort of our Uma suites.


Uma by COMO, Paro and Uma by COMO, Punakha will serve as our intimate accommodations in Bhutan, a landlocked Himalayan Kingdom where religion and nature have come together in a compelling Buddhist culture. Both properties are instilled with the same principles, for Uma means ‘living house’ and both are inspired by the landscape, spirituality and culture of the special region, heavily steeped in the traditions that surround them. They serve as the ideal locations—among pine-clad valleys, lush vegetation, rushing rivers and snow-capped mountains—for those to whom the joy of discovery is reason enough for a journey.

Please note that due to the size of the properties (169 rooms at the Metropolitan Bangkok & 29 rooms at Uma by COMO, Paro), we will not have exclusive use of Metropolitan Bangkok by COMO or Uma by COMO, Paro, rather, we will be sharing them with other discerning travelers. We will have exclusive private use of Uma by COMO, Punakha.


Share: $9200 per person. If traveling solo we can pair you with a roommate if traveling solo.

Private: $11,200 for a private room

A non-refundable deposit for 50% is required to confirm your reservation. By submitting your credit card information you authorize Escape To Shape to charge your credit card for this amount and acknowledge that this deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to a future Escape.

The balance of your payment is required to be paid in full by May 5, 2017 . A reminder email will be sent to you prior to the due date. The balance due is non-refundable upon payment.

We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance, which will come in handy should you encounter any unforeseen medical issues prior to traveling or while traveling, last minute flight cancellations or personal issues that effect your trip. Many of our clients have found great rates and policies through the following site:

Please refer to the POLICIES page of our website for our complete cancellation policy.


Included in your stay are the following:

  • One (1) night at The Metropolitan by COMO in Bangkok (August 12)
  • Round trip ground transportation from the Bangkok Airport to The Metropolitan by COMO
  • Seven (7) nights accommodations in Bhutan at the luxurious COMO properties in Paro and Punakha.
  • All delicious and healthy meals reflective of the region & the season, including unique destination dining experiences in the area
  • Privately guided hikes and experiences to explore the dzongs (fortresses), monasteries, temples, markets & mountains of the Kingdom. Highlights include Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest), rafting in Punakha, Temple of the Divine Madman + much, much more.
  • One 60 minute massage
  • Daily Vinyasa yoga
  • Use of the gym, steam room & indoor pool at Uma Paro
  • Round trip flights from Bangkok, Thailand to Paro, Bhutan on Druk Air
  • Bhutanese Government Visa + Royalty fees + tariffs
  • Monk donations & blessings
  • Numerous cultural surprises and off-the-beaten path experiences
  • Wireless Internet
  • Taxes

  • This Escape includes a lot of Easy to Moderate hiking, and one Moderate to Hard hike (Tiger’s Nest). The duration of these activities range from 4-8 hours. This includes driving time, time to stop and take photos, time for cultural discussions and for breaks as needed. The hikes, while physical, are also a way to experience the culture & natural beauty of the Kingdom. Proper footwear is required.
  • Be prepared to spend time in a vehicle as the roads between Paro, Thimphu & Punakha can be unpredictable. The cars are comfortable but the driving time is roughly 4 hours.
  • The rates listed are based on everyone arriving & departing as a group. If you plan to stay on longer than the above mentioned itinerary you will be responsible for the additional Government surcharges, royalty fees, tariffs and FIT fees.
  • Passport must be valid for 6 months past the date of entry and have at least ONE blank page.


Erica Gragg
Erica is an acclaimed yoga teacher, known for teaching a very strong, yet playful Vinyasa flow practice. She is largely inspired by the journey of yoga, the subtle to the grand discoveries each individual makes through their practice, inviting students to have fun while experiencing their body in a whole new way through each unique practice. With classes always set to music, from tribal, to lounge to classic rock songs, students are able to find their own personal rhythm and expression through each asana. Additionally, Erica contributes to AFAR, Huffington Post,, and has created time efficient and results driven workouts and fitness tips for publications such as Health, Self, Shape, Fitness, The New York Post, Newsday as well as Red, The London Times, Daily Star, The Sunday Express and Healthy in the United Kingdom.

Sharing yoga in the deeply routed Kingdom of Bhutan is a privilege and dream come true from Erica and classes are sure to be inspired by the spirituality and peace that permeates the region.


I SO loved and long for our time in Bhutan. It will be with me forever!
All I can say is thanks beyond belief for the best experience of my life!
Hope to travel with you again soon.
K. – New York March, 2016

I just wanted to thank you again for opening this door for all of us. It is a gift that will remain with me forever. Words can’t convey just how grateful I am for all that you and Francesco do for each one of us with these journeys. Truly an experience of a lifetime that I will never, ever forget! S.C. March, 2016

The trips hosted by Escape to Shape are an amazing way to enjoy your time off. The trips are the perfect mix of high quality service, outstanding food, exotic locations, physical activity, spiritual well-being and cultural activities. In a nutshell, if you are looking for time to spend by yourself, with a friend or spouse, Escape to Shape has something for everyone. I have been on 2 Escape to Shape trips and they were both magical in their own unique ways. The rooms are spacious, clean and surrounded by nature. The food is outstanding – healthy, fresh, ethnic. The locations are exotic, safe and stimulating. The service is attentive, warm, and caring. The yoga is outstanding – with wonderful teachers from around the world who are all incredibly inspiring. The cultural activities are wonderful – unique to the location, adventurous and memorable. Most importantly, the trip feels like a home away from home. The hosts and guests of Escape to Shape are warm, inviting and sharing. You leave the trips with new experiences, new friends and a renewed sense of well-being. I highly recommend Escape to Shape.NEWYORKYOGA GIRL September 2009

This is the first time that I write a Trip Advisor review. There is always a first time for everything and I found that Escape to Shape was a good reason to break the tradition. I just came back from Kyoto and I cannot stop thinking about Escape to Shape…I have been with Escape to Shape in 4 different locations: Camboya, Vietnam, Cartagena de Indias and Kyoto. So, I think that at this stage I have enough knowledge to release an accurate and objective opinion about Escape to Shape. Here it is… First, Escape to Shape is wonderful because it does offer exotic locations in a way that nobody does. In this sense, Escape to Shape is unique and innovative. Escape to Shape has comparative advantage because of their flexibility in changing locations.Second, Erica and Francesco (the business owners) take great care of you during the trip, but at the same time they share with you their secrets with the purpose of making you completely independent. There is a transfer of travel knowledge going on.Third, Erica and Francesco have great taste. Not surprising as Francesco is Italian and Erica is a leading lady who managed to make a business out of her travel passion. Their seal equals quality. I apply the blind faith principle when travelling with them because I know that I am not going to be disappointed.Last but not least, Erica and Francesco are the soul of the business and they are really good company: good conversation mixed with kindness. They both are really attractive persons to spend time with. If you have the time and the money, go for it. It’s so easy, just pay and go. You will not regret it! Pilar April 2014:

I have been on 4 trips with Escape to Shape and look forward to a new location every year. I wasn’t originally keen on organized travel, but Erica, Francesco and the great folks at E to S proved me wrong. They organize the perfect trip for someone that doesn’t have time to plan the perfect getaway and wants to stay in luxurious accommodations, yet actually get out and learn about the culture of a place. They find all the things you wish you could do, but probably wouldn’t have the time to plan or even find, for that matter. The experiences are unforgettable. The food is amazing, healthy, and local. The instructors are top notch and the people you meet are always interesting. I can’t say enough positive things about these trips. I’d really recommend them to anyone I’ve been to Marrakech and Cartagena in 2008, Bali in 2011, and Cambodia in 2012. They really go out of their way to meet your every need, whatever that may be. Go Escape!!! Keep Exploring, July 2012