Escape To Shape is the vision of Erica Gragg and Francesco Anchisi, two 'gypsetters'* who believe in a sophisticated yet down-to-earth way of living- blending traveling, local flavors, experiences and entertaining with balance & wellness. Together the two have successfully married their passions for travel and cultural connections with fitness and wellness, creating a unique and rewarding way to experience the world. Each unique ESCAPE TO SHAPE location provides a perfect backdrop and platform for discerning guests to re-discover themselves while discovering a new culture.

Each location, activity and menu is hand selected and curated by Erica and Francesco so as to ensure that guests experience the most authentic and very best each culture has to offer- a blend of cultural 'must sees' with an 'in-the-know' edge and off-the-beaten path treasures. Erica and Francesco host each Escape and provide a welcoming and intimate backdrop- similar to visiting a close friend’s private villa. Past guests have enjoyed African dance lessons in Cape Town, South Africa; trekked horseback through the vineyards in Colonia, Uruguay; experienced an authentic Berber meal in the peaks of the Atlas Mountains in Marrakech; explored the architecture of magnificent St Petersburg, Russia with an historian; practiced yoga in the underground cisterns of Istanbul, Turkey; journeyed inside a volcano in Iceland; savored the sunrise over the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, swam with baby sea lions in Galapagos, Ecuador and hiked peaks & valleys in break taking Bhutan, plus much, much more. All this combined with luxurious accommodations, delicious food, daily yoga and/or fitness classes, hiking, culinary delights, cultural (& shopping!) discoveries, unique activities reflective of the region + lots of laughter.

Stateside, Brandon Gragg, also a partner in Escape To Shape, holds down the fort behind the scenes, overseeing many aspects of the bookkeeping & marketing side of the business... and occasionally making guest appearances in locations around the world.

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When Erica is not getting her passport stamped in faraway places or strolling vintage stores & exotic markets you can find her entertaining in a colorful vintage outfit with great friends, good food & lively conversations... or practicing yoga. By day she owns and curates Escape To Shape, a traveling spa providing unique Experiences in exotic locations around the world combining luxury, fitness, cuisine & connections to discerning travelers; as well as Escape Artist, a bespoke travel company.

Each day Erica aspires to live a life where simple pleasures, travel, treasured friends & family, livelihood & giving back all co-exist in an eclectic & authentic style.


As co-owner/founder of Escape To Shape Francesco is often called 'extremely lucky' or 'The Saint'... two well deserved terms considering he spends most his days traveling the world with groups of (primarily) women. Francesco, like his bio, is a man of few words, but lends his watchful eye to ensure that guests are well taken care of, staff is on it's toes & that conversation is intelligent & lively.