Do you own a boutique or online e-commerce site? Are you looking to decorate your life a bit differently, with a flare for the exotic? From the markets of Marrakech to the souks of Egypt; the street artisans of Cartagena to the handicrafts of Southeast Asia; the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul to the antique shops of Antwerp and countless locations in between, Escape Artist scouts, sources & shops, in style!

With a flare for style & a passion for travel (& shopping!), Escape Artist owner Erica Gragg has traveled to six continents, 54 countries (and counting!) and countless cities around the world all in the name of scouting & sourcing. Hire us and we are sure to not only save you time & money but also provide you with unique, inspiring pieces from around the globe!

This service is priced according to your needs and budget, just email us to obtain a quote